Image of the Week: Temperature receptor in the skin

Wellcome Trust Blog

N0019487 Normal anatomy, temperature receptor in skin

This week our Image of the Week comes from Carly Dakin, Clinical Collection Coordinator at Wellcome Images

There’s a fine art to our skin.

Whilst looking through the Wellcome Images collection for examples of skin disease and skin anatomy, I came across this rather unique illustration of a temperature receptor and it reminded me of a certain 1893 oil painting.

Whether it was the artist’s intention or not I don’t know, but although different in colour, the energy, patterning and proportion are what gives the image it’s likeness to Norwegian painter Evard Munch’s The Scream.

The illustration shows the histology of the skin, the microscopic details of the tissue and cells. The cutaneous receptors are part of the sympathetic nervous system and function to sense temperature changes forcing the body via a nerve impulse to react to any change be it one of warmth or of cooling.

Should the…

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